Acrylic Painting

Constructing abstract designs on a canvas requires technique of a professional, the merging of the paint to leave the viewers mesmerized is the aim of every artist.

Acrylic paints allow the artist to work his way in the canvas and produce the best piece ever. Their ability to dry quickly as compared to oil paint makes them more likeable. Acrylic colours blend in better with other colours. To make thinner acrylic colour, one can use warm water as compared to oil pints which require mineral spirits which takes time to blend in with oil and make it thinner.

The effect of using water with acrylic colour can be somewhat similar to water painting, though it dries off quickly and lasts for years without getting oxidizedas against oil pints which start losing their beauty in a few years only and turn yellow.

Acrylic paints are water resistant also once applied the painting can be rolled up without causing any worry towards the painting. Another quote of paint can be applied on them with causing any damage to the overall picture.

Acrylic paints are used in canvas; budding artists use them while pouring their heart out on the canvas. For artists who wish to delay the time for drying the paint on canvas can use retarders or extenders, with this the artist gets the chance to make any slight modifications in their work. As the colour dries, acrylic paint on the canvas becomes dark, though the opposite happens with water colours.