Clay Sculpture

Clay as we know is made up of fine finely grained minerals usually different from other types of soil in its particle size and mineralogy. Over the years, clay has been used for various purposes. Be it making pottery or any kind of sculpture, clay has always found a use. With its malleable nature and the ability to set into the correct shape after curing it by heating, clay is the most favored material for all building and sculpting purposes. At the Manjari’s Institute of Music and Fine arts, various forms of clay sculpting are taught to the students, which are recreational and also which has industrial purpose.

Based on the purpose, the clay used for industrial purposes can3be of various forms like ceramic clay, paper clay, polymer clay and oil based clay. Each of them differs in texture and consistency. They have the specific characteristics which makes us to use them only for specific purposes. Like in the case of paper clay, after sculpting, the end product is extremely lightweight. This clay is mainly used in doll making or in the making of ceramic pottery for an art studio.

For the purpose of making animation movies, the polymer clay is used since the modeled clay can be remodeled frame after frame. This is sold in many hobby, craft and art stores. The clay is resistant to any form of deformity on heating. Oil based clay are not ceramics and hence they remain malleable even if they are allowed to dry. This can be used for making some detailed sculptures like the cars or the airplanes. The water based ceramic clay is mainly used for making stoneware, terracotta and porcelain.