Fabric Painting

Fabric painting is a beautiful skill toembellishour textiles. By this technique, we adorn colors and designs on cloths leading to their re-design. Various patterns are painted on the cloth with the help of a brush. But at expertise, sponges, rollers, stamps etc. are used along with the customarybrush to create complex and further eye-pleasing patterns. It is a versatile technique of painting the cloths before orafter the sewing. This kind of painting is most suited for materials like cotton, silk and linen.

An assortment of color types are used in this. They range from opaque paints which entirely cover the fabric to runny paints giving transparent effects to puff paints which help the pattern stand out giving an appearance of edgesin the fabric. Often a combination of all these is used to create superior designs. The paintings done of cloths that stretch form cracks throughout. This creates unique patterns in its own.

This art incepted in continent of Asia, especially India, around 300 BC back in time. With the arrival of outsiders and development of trade route, it was transported throughout Asia, Egypt and Greece. And from there,it was passed all around world in the coming centuries.

Fabric painting is a ‘somras’ to the old cloths of our wardrobe as it helps us to rejuvenate them.The drab old uniforms or stained cloths can be reused after painting. Not only clothes, we can paint our cushion covers, sheets, bags and almost every fabric item we see around.This would add an artistic touch to our fashion sense.