Glass painting, as the name implies, is an art form that involves painting on the glass medium. The paints used are waterproof to prevent accidental damage to the painting in the long run.This art form has been around for quite some time and gained prominence during the late 18th and early 19th century.However, the entire styles and techniques of glass paintings have been reinvented to be in tandem with the current artistic methods.

Glass paintings have gained popularity since the 1990’sand the popularity has been growing steadily ever since. A glass painting reflects the affluence of the persons (owners) and interest in art. Glass paintings can be abstract or can have a realistic theme. In most cases, an outline is made using a glass acrylic and the colors are filled in later. With the improvements in the quality of paints and brushes, glass painting has become easier.

Glass painting is a very fun activity, and can be taken up as a hobby as well. Like all other forms of art, it takes time to master it and one can continue to become better at it as time passes and with enough practice. Glass paintings these days also incorporate some of the non-traditional equipment such as the beads and glitter to give it a new texture and a fresh look. The glass medium looks absolutely stunning with gold and other exotic colors as well, and are used in abundance. It can be framed and put up for display like other traditional paintings.