Instrumental Training

Along with music, our Indian culture is also well known for its various instruments. There are various instruments ranging from the traditional Tabla and Dholak to the modern day instruments like the guitar and the synthesizer.


Unlike the acoustic and the electric guitar used for purpose of popular music, the classical guitar is mainly used for the purpose of traditional classical style of music. It is a wooden guitar and has six classical guitar strings in contrast to the metal strings used in the electric and the acoustic guitars. All the modern forms of guitars have been developed from this classical instrument.


Apart from the string instruments, a synthesizer is used for the purpose of produce various types of sounds. It can be used for imitating other instruments or can be used to produce a sound that is totally new. The electric waves generated from them can be converted to sound with the help of loudspeakers or microphones. The input is given either through a keyboard or by instrument controllers.


The famous percussion instrument, Tabla, is mainly used for the Hindustani music and also for some popular and devotional music in India. In the olden days it was used mainly for the folk music and for Sufi poetry. The instrument is played using the fingers and the palm to create various sounds at different levels. The instrument consists of two hand drums of different sizes.


The two headed drum of South Asia, Dholak, has a wooden shell and a cotton rope lacing and a screw turnbuckle tensioning. It is played with the help of the fingers and in some cases iron thumb ring is worn to give a distinct sound. This instrument was formerly used for the purpose of classical dance.

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