A mural is a form of artwork which is directly put on the wall, or painted. It’s a form of architectural design that has been popular since the reign of emperors of India. The art has taken a different form in the past few years, many people in order to add a different dimension to their homes have switched to murals that having their walls painted by just one colour.

It’s not compulsory to have murals only on the big walls. With the right design and technique you can have a mural on small wall as well. Murals are often used in kitchen, bedrooms, kid’s room and dining area. Having these in your home will change the look completely. Abstract designs can also be made which can be looked at from various angles. Having murals on any one wall at home will add huge value in your life. Many interior designers provide their customers with this service at reasonable prices. It takes less time to make and will look beautiful once it’s finished.

Murals have been inspired by graffiti since the past few years; there are many contemporary artists who have changed the minds of many with their work.

Making a mural, requires creativity, passion. It’s a gift which is possessed by few people, human imagination has no limitations. Artist needs to be very accurate while making a mural on the wall as he has to pour out whateverthere is on his mind.