Patch Work

Patchwork is the art of sewing small pieces of material and thus making a larger piece of fabric bearing the collective beauty of the pieces. This is the reason it is also called ‘pieced work’.

The earliest traces of the art of patchwork were exhumed from the depth of time of around 5000 years ago in Egyptian tombs. They were further located in Middle Ages in Chinese, Japanese and European culture.The travelers and Pilgrims spread it all round the world. Thus this art stretched throughout Asia andAmerica.

In India, patchwork is rooted among numerous tribes and cultures. And with time, it is even gaining popularity is metropolitan markets. Mesmerizing patterns of patchwork, like geese flights, checkers or sparrows sitting on a wire etc. make even the city hearts beat for this countryside culture.

This practice is mostly used to make quilts. Patchwork quilts are in great demand all round the world as they provide beauty and comfort simultaneously. This is mainly done through the machines called Longarms. The hand made goods produced at small scales are no less in demand. Patchwork is chief source of livelihood for the people of Banni area, Gujarat.

Talking about the exclusive skill of handmade patchwork, it can also be applied to prepare a large number of textiles fromwall hangings, covers andbags to jackets, skirts and other items of clothing.In a nutshell, this art has the potential to beautify your entire house, be it your wardrobe or drawingroom.It can also serve as a source of earning for you.