Poster Colour Painting

Poster painting is an abstract poetry. Like a treat to our soul.It is a medium to display one’s emotions, moods and temperaments.Perchance, this is why they are also known as ‘Tempera Paintings’.Among all genre of painting, poster color painting is the trendiest one. Such a painting can either be made on a heavy-duty paper or a canvas. Though latter is used more frequently.A poster color being water soluble is often confused with watercolor but contrasting to watercolor it is opaque in nature.

If you are a painting enthusiast, you might have the urge of becoming akin to ‘Sid’ of ‘DilChahta Hai’ or ‘Arun’ of ‘DhobhiGhat’ and portray the cherishing moments of your life.And if you are also a novice, this genre of painting is excellent for you as it is affordable and being water based, it is easy to clean it up.

Poster paintings are closely related with mnemonic functioning of our brain, which is different for different individuals. That is why the same painting is conceived differently by different people and this forms its basic charm.Photographs can never be expected to depict such a charmas they are created by non-living machines and not by soulful artists. As photo Historian Geoffrey Batchen said, “The ‘straight’ photograph has always been an insufficient vehicle of memory.”

So pick up your brush, mix different colors to make the hues of your heart and weave out a painting that even Vinci may envy at.