Sketching is considered to be an in-toxic art form. It’s the only art form which starts as a hobby and then takes an all new role and becomes a habit. This is the reason why Vincent van Gogh drew thousands of images to better his skills and to fulfill leisure time. He practiced a special pattern; he would also sketch out his vision for a painting as a practice before beginning the painting. Sketching is very popular since it doesn’t carry any excess luggage of rules or regulations. It is actually a rapidly executed freehand drawing, that’s it. In India, the great R.K. Lakshman immortalized many famous public figures as cartoon sketches. He was very famous for depicting the then public and political people in a comic way showcasing the scenario of the various situations prevailing in the country. Many designers use this form of art to depict the fashion illustrations. Police uses sketch artists to identify the criminals and the culprits.

Sketching like writing is a great healer in itself the only thing is that people write down their thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper and here in this case people sketch about something to calm their minds.Sketching, that too with the use of a pencil is the most famous type of sketching other than using the oil paints. There is a proverb that says “A picture illustrates thousands of words” which itself proves the effect sketches possess. Who can forget Walt Disney and the immortal cartoon sketches he has created.