Tar Coal Painting

Coal tar painting is a unique form of painting art form, which uses coal tar as the paint medium. Coal tar paint is a very interesting painting equipment and is usually painted on tiles or canvass or even on walls directly. It gives a new texture and adds a lot of perspective to the painting. Coal tar painting is a relatively new painting technique. It is slowly gaining popularity among the mainstream art forms. Many international and local artists have exhibited their coal tar paintings and have been lauded accordingly.

The use of coal tar paint started out as an experimental procedure, but is now slowly being accepted into the mainstream art forms. Many mainstream art dealers, some of the big names included, have been enthusiasticallydealing in coal art. Coal art is gaining wide acceptance in the popular culture as well.

Just because the coal paint is a rich black paint, it doesn’t mean that the painting is somber and dark in nature. They can also be happy paintings, but thematically different from the regular painting. Also, the coal paint can give the painting a new texture, as the coal paint can be made to rise above the surface, giving it a new dimension.

Coal tar painting can be combined with other types of paints and colors as well, to give the painting a new look. Sometimes the artist tends to use one or two solid colors along with the coal tar paint, which makes the painting stand out from the rest.