Vocal Training

India has been the land of varied musical forms. Be it Hindustani or Carnatic, it has been followed by all. Indian music has made a unique space for its own in the world of music even in the 21st century where rock and punk have their reign.

Indian Classical Music

Indian classical music is one of the oldest forms of music consisting of two different styles, namely the Hindustani and the Carnatic music. Both are of the same form, except that they differ in their instruments and also in the arrangement of the note during the performance. Hindustani is mainly followed by people in the North and Carnatic has a strong base in the South.

Light Music

Music has evolved over the years and an example for the same is the light music. Also known as the British musical style, this form of music had its origin in the 19th century and going strong till the present day. It mainly consists of light orchestral music and a varied range of musical instruments are used during the performance.

Folk Music

Having been originated in the 19th century, folk music has evolved over the years and is also sometimes called as the music of the folklore, music with unknown composers, music of the lower classes or the music by words of mouth. This form of music is contrasted to the traditional classic music and also the commercial style of music.

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