MANJARI'S INSTITUTE OF MUSIC & FINE ARTS (MIMFA), Lucknow an initiative of MIMFA Foundation (an NGO) was founded on 15th April, 2010. It is affiliated to Prayag Sangit Samiti, Allahabad, and the first fine arts institute in Uttar Pradesh to be accorded an ISO 9001:2008 certification. MIMFA is proud to be ranked 1st in Lucknow by 'Just-Dial'. MIMFA with its head office at Nirala Nagar boasts of three more branches at Gomti Nagar (opened on 1st November, 2013); at Indira Nagar (opened on 30th January, 2015) & at Alambagh (opened on 24th January, 2016). MIMFA started with bharatanatyam, bollywood dance, hindustani classical vocal, classical instruments (guitar, synthesizer, dholak, tabla), fine art (glass painting, murals, ceramic pots, tarcoal painting, hand embroidery, patchwork, flower-making, sketching, fashion sketching, poster color painting, fabric painting, acrylic painting, oil painting), and within a span of five years other courses have also been added such as cake craft and culinary art for ladies, nanhe khansama for kids, western dance (hip-hop, locking-popping, B-boying, contemporary), western guitar, taekowondo, yoga. Students are given ample opportunity here to exhibit their talent through stage performances and talent shows specially organized for them. They are trained in theoretical aspects alongwith practical training.

MIMFA is one of the pioneer music and fine arts institute in Lucknow today. This is a premier centre of excellence emphasizing on both, Indian & Western tradition of Performing Arts. MIMFA inculcates Confidence, Attitude, Teamwork and Self-respect (CATS) in its students as well as in the faculty. It helps to create a sense of pride and achievement in the students by providing them best training and opportunity to perform on the stage. Its experienced and professional faculty provides individual attention and valued information to each student. Main thrust of MIMFA is to kindle the energy within each student that will propel them beyond their normal levels of endurance. The institute as gained fast recognition and strength of more than 800 students within a very short span of time itself speaks about its popularity.

Since its inception, MIMFA has successfully organized annual concerts in the third week of June as well as cultural events. MIMFA's teachers choreographed annual programme of LBS Institute of Management, Ganesh Utsav of Babu Banarsi Das Engineering College, AWWA Day Show of Army Wife's Welfare Association, centenary celebration of Seventh Day Adventists School, Delhi Public School etc. MIMFA has successfully organized and choreographed for a number of organizations, school and college functions, ladies sangeet, teej celebrations etc. Students from the institute have participated in various competitions at the district and state level and have won first prizes in every competition that they have participated. To name some such competitions : Srijan, Lucknow Mahotsava, Dance Mania, Revolution India, Bal Mahotsav. As on date they have also won eight gold, twelve silver and seventeen bronze medals in taekowondo at district & state level competitions.

They run regular classes the year round, be they short term, diploma or degree courses. All students are provided with identity cards, diary and t-shirts. Dress code has been introduced in bharatantyam, kathak and taekwondo classes. This concept has been introduced to bring a sense of oneness and equality, as they have students coming from all strata of society, as well as students learning on charity basis. There is no class disparity and a sense of oneness is inculcated amongst students. There are different forms of art and performing art that one can learn at MIMFA and they are also provided degree and diploma in Indian traditional as well as in western courses.

MIMFA has incorporated the concept of 'student of the week/month/year','best performer of the year', 'consistent performer of the year' and 'most promising student of the year'. Every year annual scholarship is provioded to 25 to 50 meritorius students in any faculty.

The institute carries out its activities in a friendly atmosphere with a healthy interaction between students and the concerned faculty, it also provides van facility and has a CCTV installed for better monitoring of all the classes which are fully air-conditioned.

About MIMFA Foundation

MIMFA Foundation founded on 20th May, 2015, is an NGO working for the welfare & upliftment of deprived and less privileged children & women of the society under the guidance of Mr.Ashish Pandey (President - MIMFA Foundation) & Mrs. Manjari Pandey (Secretary - MIMFA Foundation). We believe knowledge knows no boundary, it's nature is to spread as much as it can and knowledge never expects anything. So, by following its will and nature we found the mode to spread knowledge, art, culture etc. to those who are less privileged and who never try because of lack of recourses. Working on women empowerment, we have self defense, art and handy craft classes as well, so that the women of this group would be able to be self dependant and confident. We are making it a medium for each and everyone, whosoever needs it. The training for all the courses will be at that level that one can choose such art as a profession.

MIMFA Foundation stands for Making It Medium For All (MIMFA). As its name suggests, our mission and motto is to approach more and more people of this class, and provide them medium of their own choice. We are using performing art and other artistries as a tool to improvise this group.

Under the flagship of MIMFA Foundation, a one year scholarship (worth Rs.10,50,000.00) is being conducted for 25 young talents, who are learning folk dances & western dances absolutely free. A craftotsav was also organized at MIMFA's Nirala Nagar branch & all the artefacts were made by the deprived & less privileged children & women. Foundation also organized a free open talent show for all age groups in vocal, instruments & all forms of dance from all over Lucknow and around. The finalists of this talent show put up their acts during 'SYMPHONY - a cultural eve'.